Do you play basketball, or you would like to start playing? If the answer is yes, you could be asking yourself what the benefits of playing this game are. Basketball is game associated with tall guys who are at least six-feet. This, however, does not exclude the shorter guys since they can also play this incredible game. There are lots of benefits of playing basketball rather than just growing stronger and taller. This article looks at the benefits of playing basketball.

Burns calories

Basketball involves quick lateral movements, jumping, and running which provides individuals with an adequate amount of aerobic exercise. This aerobic exercise is sufficient to burn the excess calories in our body. If you are looking for one of the best ways of losing weight, then playing basketball is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Cardiovascular health

Since basketball involves lots of physical activity, it will help your body develop the cardiovascular endurance. It is critical that our heart functions appropriately because it is what pumps blood. One of the ways of ensuring that your heart is pumping at the optimum rate is by playing basketball. It will help your heart build endurance that will keep your heart healthy. This will help manage various ailments like stroke and reduce your chance of contracting heart ailments.

Self-discipline and deep concentration

As much as basketball is considered a physical game, it is also a mental game. It has strict rules which might be followed by all the players. The rules must be followed to the letter, breaking any law can lead to disqualifications and penalties not just for an individual but the entire team. It, therefore, helps individuals practice self-discipline. Secondly, since it is a competitive game, it will help individuals develop deep concentration.

Builds bone strength

Playing basketball will also help you build the bone strength. The jogging, running, sprinting, and jumping during the training sessions and the games will help individuals to have improved bone health. The stronger your bones, the stronger your body build. You will have higher stamina which is critical when playing basketball.

Better coordination and motor skills

coordinationPlaying basketball will help you have better coordination and motor skills. Jump shooting and free-throw shooting will help you develop hand-eye coordination. This will be critical in other activities that you will be engaged in like playing basketball. Basketball also involves rebounding the missed shots this will help you develop full-body coordination.